Terms & Conditions

These toys strive to find a balance between strength and love. ❤️ Please remember they are not ‘some sort of magic’, and ultimately will probably not withstand a canine absolutely set on destruction. Common sense dictates that if your dog has a tendency to destroy, he will! We recommend you do not leave this toy unsupervised with your dog, until you have trained them to be ‘friends’. You know your mate best, and it is up to you how you introduce this fur baby to your fur baby.

**  ‘Fluff is hardy stuff, but does not pretend to be rubber tuff!’ **
If you have chosen to have squeakers inside the toy – remember they are sewn into hemp pouches to incite less mindless chewing and encourage more active and thoughtful engagement. Your dog will need to strike at exactly the right angle to make noise.
Due to the heavy duty nature of the fabrics used, the edges will fray rustically, outside the double stitch. Either leave natural, or simply trim with a pair of scissors.
As wool, hemp and possum fur all have antibacterial and antiseptic properties; to clean we recommend a light sponge with a mild water/vinegar solution. Total immersion is not advised. This toy is not suitable to be put through the washing machine or tumble dryer.