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No, no soft or plush toy is.
It’s up to you and how well trained your dog is, as to how long these toys will last.

I’ve trialled many components and fabrics for durability and texture. The ones I’ve chosen are exceptionally heavy duty as a minimum (refer to the FAQ about Martindale Rubs), yet soft and gentle on canine mouths. I’ve done the best I possibly can, with the best and most environmentally friendly, yet durable, materials I can find.
But no soft toy (or ANY dog toy I know of) is indestructible – if your dog is bent on destroying it, it will. Unless you teach it otherwise.

I make no ‘bones’ about these toys not being not being indestructible. Solely for being able to ‘resist destruction’ is not the purpose for which these toys are designed.
Common sense dictates, that ultimately it comes down to the pet, the owner, the training levels and the introductory/even ongoing supervision, if need be. And of course, temporary removal until the pet understands that this is a ‘special’ toy, to be treated with respect. I’ve simply made the best toy I can, to the best of my ability, with the best materials I can find. These materials are still fabrics… and are not hardy plastic or rubber.
Ultimately these toys are created to be throw/fetch/gentle tug/training/reward/companion toys.
You know your pet and it’s capabilities best.

We know that our toys aren’t cheap, but please be assured that you ARE purchasing a premium product and are getting what you pay for. They are very time-consuming to make, and the components are pretty much worth their weight in gold!

All our toys are:
✅ Sustainable
✅ 99.8% Biodegradable (on removal of optional squeaker)
✅ Eco-responsible
✅ Ethical & Renewable
✅ Environmentally-friendly, in line with Predator Free 2050
✅ Made in NZ
✅ Buy NZ Made licensed
✅ Have MPI export registration and document certification for global Customs requirements
✅ Safe for your dogs and cats

✅ Made to the best of our ability

The wonderful natural and sustainable properties of these toys are for eco-responsible pet owners who make conscious choices and are interested in lessening their environmental footprint.
Plus, dogs and cats really do adore!

It is a high value toy, designed to be treated with respect, in this consumer-disposable society we currently live in.
The chain of support of these toys is long, with many people benefitting (+ birds and flora), before the toy even reaches the dog!
We are in no way associated with international forced/slave labour, nor the cruel international fur trade.

We’re happy to be paying the lovely family in Te Anau, from whom we source our pelts from, the money they ask…. as it’s hard work out there, and they’re doing a great job!

I really care that these toys make owners and pets very happy. Which is why I’ve gone into such detail about their capabilities on this website, and on social media – and ask customers to exercise realistic expectations in respect to their own particular pet.

NZ wide we courier with Aramex, and use either compostable cornstarch packaging, or recycled or biodegradable options.
Globally we use DHL, and their official packaging. With the ‘green’ carbon neutral option always ticked.
Fast, secure and tracked.

These toys are NOT indestructible nor will they stand up to a dog’s constant chewing. Therefore, we cannot offer any guarantee on the length of the useful life of these toys, as once they leave our hands we have no guarantee as to how they have been treated.
Remember, it is your responsibility, as a responsible canine owner, to ensure your dog does not chew or swallow any part of these toys.
Please understand they are not ‘some sort of magic’ and will not withstand a canine bent on destruction! We recommend you do not leave this toy unsupervised with your dog, until you have trained them to be ‘friends’.
Common sense dictates that if your dog has a tendency to destroy, it will!
As a dog owner, you know your dog best – and will know the difference between a dog’s natural curiosity versus any inclination to tear any toy (or favourite shoes, dog bed… or even furniture 😅) to shreds. Due to the natural components, this toy is obviously not impervious to constant chewing, fur plucking or hard tugging.

Please read our Refund Policy for more information.

Yes, they are sourced humanely and provided to us by a long-established, reputable local company.
We are in no way associated with the cruel international fur trade.
We also recommend you watch the awesome video trailer for Fight for the Wild, which is on our About Us page, to give you an informed understanding.

In Southland, New Zealand. Right near the very bottom of NZ, near the bottom of the South Pacific. Not much between us and Antartica, really 🤣

South Proud!

We have our Certificate of Licence from New Zealand Made.
Look for the black triangle logo on our home page.

No, not by any stretch! I’m a trained chef by trade, however I lost my job in tourism overnight (looking after a fly-fishing lodge) when COVID hit and our NZ borders shut.
So, I bought myself a sewing machine, taught myself how to use it, and started this ‘passion project’.
I’m not a seamstress and would never attempt to make myself a dress! But I do know and care for dogs, and have done my best to produce a toy that is safe and fun for them, good for the environment and with eco-responsible components. And to help educate people about the true damage these introduced ‘pests’ are doing to our native flora and endemic wildlife. As well as promote the wonderful, natural resource that is cross-bred wool!
It all started with wanting to make the best toy I could for my own dogs. And desiring to make a good difference to the planet.

Yes, on adding to your cart/shopping bag you get the option as to whether or not you would like squeakers included.
As not all doggies or kitty cats do love them.
On removal of the optional squeakers, these toys are 99.8% biodegradable.
You can literally bury these in your garden. Or place the wool around your inside house plants to help retain moisture and release the nutrients. Beautiful mulch.

Please note: The Baby Bones are ALL squeaker-free. As even the smallest squeakers don’t fit inside.

It is a measurement for fabric durability.

The external fabrics we use are spun from flax, hemp and wool to create a superior durability of 50,000 Martindale Rubs.

As a comparison for grades of durability; 25,000 MR is classified as Heavy Duty which is suitable for everyday use on main household furniture subject to a high level of use, Extra Heavy Duty is 30,000 MR recommended for airport terminals and movie theatres, whereas Commercial Grade is 40,000 + MR.
Our fabrics at a minimum of 50,000 MR are still soft and gentle on dogs mouths.
Due to the heavy duty nature of the fabrics, the toy edges will fray after the first play or two – simply leave natural or give a light trim outside the double stitch.
We don’t use that nasty, coarse webbing edging that hurts dog’s mouths.
But, these fabrics are still materials… they are not hardy rubber or plastic.

This business is registered and approved with the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), and has an Animal Product Exporter Certificate, specific to the tanned hides and processed wool we use. Our toys meet all strict New Zealand standards and comply with relevant export eligibility requirements. And all toys sent outside of New Zealand are accompanied with the paperwork required for various country Customs.

I declare that:

The goods described are New Zealand originating goods as defined in Section 153ZIC of the Customs Act 1901 as they are wholly obtained in New Zealand, or New Zealand and Australia.

Absolutely! Any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately by email or phone, as we are more than happy to discuss and accommodate special requests, or resolve any issues.
Thank you!

Giant Bone – three large, sewn into individual hemp pouches.

Lamb & Large Bone – one large and one medium squeaker, hemp pouches.

Small Bone – one medium and one small, hemp pouches.

Trout – one medium and one small squeaker.

Orange Roughy & Baby Shark – one small squeaker.

Baby Bones have no squeaker at all, as the squeakers don’t fit inside.

I generally pack and consign toys in the weekends, and courier with Aramex.
Internationally, we use DHL, and they are very efficient. A parcel last week left here in rural Southland, NZ on Friday morning and arrived in Montana, USA on Friday morning – exactly seven days later!
Please do allow a little extra time, just in case I need to complete sewing your order, although I do carry a lot of stock, and am always sewing to try keep ahead 😄

The squeakers are loud enough to excite a dog, but quiet enough generally to not be annoying to the owner. Squeakers are optional, if plastic-free is important to you. Or you find that your dog has a tendency to destroy toys, purely to get at the squeaker.

The toys we make are made with three heavy duty layers. An outer layer of leather (and fur), inner of felted wool fabric and other side outer fabric of spun wool with either hemp or flax. These materials are an exceptionally durable, renewable and sustainable fabric, and meet a minimum of 50,000 Martindale Rubs (MR).
For perspective, your average piece of everyday household furniture only needs to meet 25,000 MR.
Our toys also have extra stitching to make them as strong as possible.
BUT! They are still a soft/plush toy.
Our toys are NOT ‘chew’ toys and will not stand up to a dog’s constant chewing. They are not some sort of magic.
These toys are intended for lovely fun and interactive play, for training, as a reward, and as a companion ❤️ As a cuddle buddy.
If you play with your dog and then put the toy away when you’re done (or until you have trained them to be ‘friends’), common sense dictates they should last quite a long time.

However, if during a game of tug, ‘gentle’ develops into ‘all-out 10/10’ going for it, and you can see and feel the toy stretching to it’s very limit (breaking point) – please do stop!
A possum tail & pelt is naturally very strong, but not THAT strong.
Our dream is for these toys to become a treasured lifetime buddy for your fur friend.
We’ve done the best we can, to the best of our ability, with the best materials we can find.
However, exactly how long they will last will depend on how you train your pet to play with them.
These toys truly are made with love and your pet’s best interests in mind.