What is FunDiggityDog all about?

Contributing towards a more sustainable world – one happy pet at a time!

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These toys strive to find a balance between strength and love.  They are designed as a ‘Connection’ toy between canines and their caregivers – to give attention when you’re there, and to provide comfort when you’re not. 
Truly made with your pet’s best interests in mind!

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Each toy is triple-core-bonded with three layers of heavy duty fabrics and double-stitched, as a minimum, for added strength. But of course, no toy (especially a dog toy!) is indestructible. These are rustic toys, simply made with high quality components. They are stuffed with scoured, clean, strong cross-bred New Zealand wool – such a wonderful, renewable & sustainable natural resource. You can choose to include a little squeaker if your pet loves them or go squeaker-free for a toy that contains ZERO plastic. Even our packaging is sustainable – we pack each nationwide order in fully compostable, recyclable or biodegradable components.

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And there’s more! Our toys are made with introduced ‘pest’ pelts, so they also help to protect our native birds and flora. Our possum pelts are humanely harvested from the spectacular Fiordland National Park (by the local, third-generation family whom we source them from), which is full of wonderful and unique forests, reptiles, and birds – all of which are under threat from possums! 

These ‘cute’ pests are actually causing horrific damage to native flora and fauna, to the extent that the New Zealand Department of Conservation calls the possum “one of the greatest threats to our natural environment”
FunDiggityDog is proud to play a small part in removing these pesky pests from our beautiful natural parks and doing our part to help New Zealand move towards its goal of Predator Free 2050. Helping to correct the current massive indigenous biodiversity imbalance.

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If zero plastic waste (or even just lessening your environmental footprint), natural quality fibres and protecting native flora and fauna is important to you – then our toys are perfect for your fur friend. 
FunDiggityDog – contributing to endemic conservation and happy dogs and cats everywhere…. one toy at a time!


A fur baby for your fur baby

Due to the handmade nature and natural components – just like your own special pet, all our toys are unique and have their own individual, charming characteristics.



FunDiggityDog is a passion project born of one woman’s desire to be a small part of sustainable change. Founder and proud owner of three beautiful dogs, Louise is committed to doing the best she can for people, pets and our shared planet.  

Her toys were created as a sustainable solution/option after becoming SO disappointed with cheap, mass-produced pet toys that contribute to enforced labour and ocean, soil & air pollution, then end up in landfill. She currently creates and stitches all of the toys herself but her long-term vision is to build a local team who are equally as passionate about protecting the environment and boosting the happiness of pets. 

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Louse Mackenzie Southland Competition
Meet the mind behind the business

Louise is the owner and ‘mastermind’ behind these novel products. Raised in Southland and Otago, she spent many years in Queenstown as a multi-awarded chef and then travelled the world for a decade, finally returning to the place she calls home.

Needing a bit of a detox from the usual chaotic city life, she spent four years living off grid in rural Southland. It was then that she learned to really appreciate her natural surroundings and a sustainable lifestyle.

Living off the land and farming her own animals opened her eyes to the amount of unnecessary waste that we generate. Cheap, plastic products are polluting our planet, and unviable practices are steering us towards global disaster.

For the past eight years Louise has been involved in the international tourism industry. However, like many of us, when COVID-19 hit and the NZ borders shut, she lost her job overnight.

Spending this time at home, created an opportunity – she decided to leap into the unknown! Lou had long been annoyed and frustrated over all the cheap, mass sweat shop produced dog toys being shredded and binned after a few of days use.

She had recently been gifted a possum skin, and decided to try her hand at making toys for her own dogs. That kickstarted this new business venture. Lou did a lot of research and trialing of different materials (with her two dogs – and now, new pup), to find the most sustainable and ethical products available.

As you can imagine, it was hard case times surrounded by dogs! She aimed to create a durable and natural product that dogs of all sizes could enjoy, that wouldn’t harm them or the planet if they destroyed it. And that also benefitted some our valuable, underrated resources.

FunDiggityDog started as a way for Louise to swap plastic toys for a more sustainable solution for her own dogs, and has quickly grown to help other eco-conscious pet owners around New Zealand and the world.

FunDiggityDog is a passion project born from one woman’s desire to be a small part of the change!