Trout – Rainbow or Brown

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A heavy duty plush canine toy for all the fishing-obsessed dog lovers! 🎣🐕❤️

Tui native NZ species
Fantail native NZ species
Kiwi Bird native NZ species


Choose from our Rainbow or Brown trout. These fish are exceptionally heavy-duty for a plush toy! Triple-core bonded, with the two tails stitched together between seven layers of fabric.

*Fish-um Family *

This is the largest size toy in our range of ‘Fish-um’. Part fish, part possum.
A fish-shaped toy composed of premium woollen, hemp and flax fabrics, stuffed with clean cross-bred wool – and bonded to a possum tail. Unlike most of our other toys, the (optional) squeakers are not sewn into hemp pouches, so as to allow easier noise access for your buddy!
Most suitable for a medium to large dog. Will handle a reasonable amount of tugging and mouthing, but ultimately still designed as throw/fetch or training toy, and of course as a companion and reward prize.

We are a fly-fishing obsessed family, and know there are lots of us out there! As we live mere minutes from the mighty Mataura and Oreti rivers, famed for their wily trout, we thought it only fitting to create a canine toy for fisherpeople! Our dogs love fishing (though really they’re on the riverbanks chasing rabbits), and it’s a great day out for us all. 

These toy Trout measure 30cm long by 10cm wide. Possum tails generally range between 20-25cm long. Weighs approximately 105g

Care: as wool, hemp and possum fur all have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties; to clean we recommend only a light sponge with a mild water/vinegar solution. Total immersion is not advised. This toy is not suitable to be put through the washing machine or tumble dryer.


* As with all soft toys, these toys are NOT indestructible! And are clearly not a chew toy. We recommend you read the FAQs before purchase.

We all know dogs love to learn, and with the correct, simple training – your canine will come to recognise this toy as a ‘special friend’ and it is sure to become a treasured lifetime companion!

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4 reviews for Trout – Rainbow or Brown

  1. Luci Carter (verified owner)

    I bought two trout – one for an older Golden Retriever who is a non chewer of toys, likes squeaky toys and carries them around. The other was for my 10 month old Gorden Setter bitch who chewed the nose and the tail within 5 minutes of giving them to her. They have been rehomed to another older Golden who carries it around (after repairs had been made to the chewed pieces) From my point of view they should be purchased for dogs that are not chewers of soft toys as they are an expensive mistake. The Gordon loved the tail flapping.

  2. Colleen Smith (verified owner)

    Brontë loved her trout toy. Affectionately known as Bowie, she loved to give him a good shake up by the tail, and we used him to play hidey-findy with her. Do not leave this toy unattended with a border collie!

  3. Angie G. (verified owner)

    Well made, my 2 English springers love running round with these.

  4. BELINDA (verified owner)

    Fabulous toy – well loved!

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