Giant Dog Bone

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  • This massive bone is perfect for the ‘big kids’, as well as the ‘little rascals’.
  • The 100% flax chunky knit fabric will withstand a fair bit of tugging and mouthing and also provide the cosiest, most comfortable pillow and bed-mate for canines of all sizes.
  • Dogs have been known to drag it from their bed to the nearest patch of sun, and then the next patch of sun. All day long.
  • A true companion.
Tui native NZ species
Fantail native NZ species
Kiwi Bird native NZ species


Composed of three heavy duty layers;

  • Possum leather and fur.
  • Inner of (grey) felted 100% NZ Wool.
  • External (cream) fabric which is 99.5% flax, incredibly heavy duty!
  • Stuffed with scoured NZ strong wool.
  • Approx 58cm by 23cm and 550g.
  • This toy should soon become the most prized possession!

Care: as wool, hemp and possum fur all have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties; to clean we recommend only a light sponge with a mild water/vinegar solution. Total immersion is not advised. This toy is not suitable to be put through the washing machine or tumble dryer.

* As with all soft toys, these toys are NOT indestructible! And are clearly not a chew toy. We recommend you read the FAQs before purchase. 

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6 reviews for Giant Dog Bone

  1. Tania Bloxham (store manager)

    Thankyou, Sadie absolutely loves her new toy, it’s just gorgeous 💕

  2. Tania Bloxham (store manager)

    Sadie my 10 month old boxer puppy has the giant bone toy, we are in love with this well constructed, all natural toy with its luxuriously soft fur, we love that it’s environmentally friendly as well. Sadie uses her mate for comfort and sleepy time and it’s grest that I can go out and I know she’s happy with her mate while I’m gone.

  3. Wendy Clarke (store manager)

    Rico’s beautiful new toy providing some comfort after the daily drama of medication time!

  4. Angie (store manager)

    Love this toy, I purchased for our big Great Dane/Mastiff x dog, she loves to take it to her dad (my partner) to play tug of war with him and tease our younger pups into chasing her for it.
    I love that it is sustainable and NZ made.

  5. Megan Corney (store manager)

    Piglet loves all his Fun Diggity toys, not least of all his giant bone! I love that it’s beautiful, made of locally sourced natural fibres and fillings, supports both predator eradication and waste reduction ethos! It’s a great size for Piglet, but would suit any larger breed. Piglet rolls around squeaking it madly, giving it a good bunny kicking with his hind legs – it’s too cute! Well made, stylish and natural – ticks all the boxes!

  6. Douglas’s Dog Mum (store manager)

    Douglas has had the big possum bone for 7 months now, much loved and much mended. He also has the orange roughy which he has worked hard to destroy (unsuccessfully) over the last month. Your toys are great, they’re hard to wreck, easy to mend and Dougie loves them. Thank you.

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