Baby Bone – Tiny Dog or Cat Toy


Perfect for the daintiest of little pooches and kitty cats.

  • The compact size means that even the smallest of jaws are able to mouth, catch, and play with this bone.
  • The combination of catnip, wool and possum will delight any small fur-friend!
Tui native NZ species
Fantail native NZ species
Kiwi Bird native NZ species


This tiny bone shaped toy is triple-core bonded with layers of felted NZ wool, flax/wool spun fabric and a fluffy outer layer of possum fur. 

Unlike all of our other toys, there is no option to contain a squeaker – as even the smallest squeaker was simply too bulky to fit inside this little plaything!

Stuffed with scoured, clean NZ strong wool and catnip, also double-stitched for extra strength, this little dinky is sure to become a cherished companion.

Please note: Cats adore catnip, and it is completely harmless to dogs…. only makes them sleepy. ❤️

Measures approximately 16cm long by 7cm, at widest point.  
Weighs approximately 35g.

Care: as wool, hemp and possum fur all have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties; to clean we recommend only a light sponge with a mild water/vinegar solution. Total immersion is not advised. This toy is not suitable to be put through the washing machine or tumble dryer.

As with all soft toys, these toys are NOT indestructible! And are clearly not a chew toy. We recommend you read the FAQs before purchase. 

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