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This little fish is designed with small dogs and cats in mind. Stuffed with wool and catnip it is sure to delight. We all know cats adore catnip – and it is harmless to dogs, only makes them sleepy. An irresistible combination – catnip, lovely soft wool and possum! 

Tui native NZ species
Fantail native NZ species
Kiwi Bird native NZ species


We were asked to make a cat toy with a possum tail, and this little gem is what we came up with! Small and light enough for cats to toss around, yet robust enough for a gentle small dog. 

*Fish-um Family *

This is the smallest size toy in our range of ‘Fish-um’. Part fish, part possum. A fish-shaped toy composed of premium woollen and flax fabrics, stuffed with clean cross-bred wool & catnip – and bonded to a possum tail. Unlike our other toys, this little baby fish is not triple-core bonded, nor are the (optional) squeakers hand-sewn into hemp pouches – in order to keep it lightweight, and at a lower price point. However, the two tails are bonded together with seven layers of heavy duty fabric, so will handle a fair bit of play! It is a simple toy, made from quality components. 


The fish measures 20cm long and 5cm wide, and the possum tail is generally 20-25cm long. 
Weighs approximately 30g.

Care: as wool, hemp and possum fur all have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties; to clean we recommend only a light sponge with a mild water/vinegar solution. Total immersion is not advised. This toy is not suitable to be put through the washing machine or tumble dryer.


💭  We think NZ has done an excellent job of restoring our Orange Roughy (also known as Deep Sea Perch) fisheries. They were closed for 23 years, to allow recovery in response to new science and whilst multiple management strategies were implemented. These fisheries only reopened two years ago.
New Zealand’s key Orange Roughy fisheries are now Marine Stewardship Council certified – this is the global gold standard for sustainable fishing. 🌟

* As with all soft toys, these toys are NOT indestructible! And are clearly not a chew toy. We recommend you read the FAQs before purchase. 


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5 reviews for Orange Roughy

  1. Monique Anderson (store manager)

    Such a fabulous cat toy. The minute I gave it to Friday he grabbed it and didn’t want to let go. And now he is lying there cuddling it. He doesn’t normally care much for toys. Must be all the natural products in the toy. He loves it. ❤️

  2. Julz Harvey (store manager)

    Beautifully crafted goodies, all of my animals LOVE it, not just the kitty cat 🐱 thank you!!

  3. Louise Horne

    Tilly absolutely LOVES her Orange Roughy. It is her very favourite toy & she actually cries for it. In the first photo she is trying to reach it & in the next she’s sitting there watching it & crying. I so wish I had taken a video!!

  4. Douglas’s Dog Mum (store manager)

    Douglas has had the big possum bone for 7 months now, much loved and much mended. He also has the orange roughy which he has worked hard to destroy (unsuccessfully) over the last month. Your toys are great, they’re hard to wreck, easy to mend and Dougie loves them. Thank you.

  5. Thomas (store manager)

    Hard to get an action shot but Tom Kitten loves his new toy – big thanks!

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