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Louse Mackenzie Southland Competition

FunDiggityDog wins 2Degrees Southland competition!

Louise Mackenzie says winning the Shop Local competition for her possum fur dog toy business will be a gamechanger that will take her to the next level.

Working alone on a business start-up can be lonely when you live rurally, but when Louise Mackenzie hears friendly toots of support from the main road as she stitches possum skins into dog toys, she knows the Southland community is backing her all the way.

When COVID-19 hit last year, Mackenzie’s job in the tourism industry disappeared overnight.

One positive she took from lockdown was the extra time it allowed her to spend on her North Southland property, walking and playing with her dogs.

The rate at which they could tear through poorly-made imported toys that quickly ended up in landfill had never sat easily with her.

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